Group Coaching for Social Entrepreneurs

Coaching package for 2020

Being a social entrepreneur is not easy. As entrepreneurs with social change aspirations, you have gone the extra mile. You are faced with the challenge of successfully marketing a new product or service and also pursuing the goal of solving social and ecological problems. Add to that the challenge of assembling, coordinating and leading a powerful team.

With so many ambitious projects going on at the same time, it is in the nature of things that stress, tensions and conflicts will arise again and again. Many social entrepreneurs slip into self-exploitation due to the long-lasting high stress. Some eventually burn out altogether. We think: This does not have to and must not be the case! Mental health is just as important as physical health for your success and impact.

In order to support you in going that extra mile and to counteract a possible overload in good time, we offer you a tool that has been successfully used in the business world for about 40 years to relieve managers and entrepreneurs and to support their personal growth: Group Coaching.

The professionally guided exchange pursues two goals:

  1. To make stresses and strains discussable in a protected, intimate setting and thereby invest in one’s own mental hygiene and resilience.
  2. To use the collective intelligence of peers to gain new perspectives and ideas for solutions to current challenges as an entrepreneur or manager.

The Coaching Package 2020 consists of 4 meetings of 2.5 hours each, usually from 16:00-18:30, once a quarter.
Within the framework of a meeting, up to two different, current cases can be worked on, which are brought in by the participants.

SENA members pay 30 euros per session, 120 euros for the coaching package.
Non-members pay 60 euros per unit or 240 euros.

Individual sessions cannot be booked, as only the package as a whole makes sense for all participants.

Registration at c.stockhammer@cstockhammer

The coaching process will be facilitated by Markus Engelberger.

You have probably already seen him in his role as graphic recorder at various relevant events of the social entrepreneurship scene. However, Markus is not actually a graphic artist, but an organisational consultant, strategy consultant and communication trainer. Visualisations are his means of choice. They are certainly also used in group coaching.

Markus Engelberger has a wealth of experience in accompanying social entrepreneurs in the orientation, planning, founding and set-up phases. In addition to his work as a trainer and coach for the Impact HUB Vienna and the management of the Social Impact Award Austria in 2017, he can draw on many other relevant experiences – such as his work as a mentor for an incubator in Dubai – and of course his many years of experience in working with leading consultancies, NPOs and commercially oriented organisations in Europe, the UAE and Asia.

Team Matching

You have a great idea for founding a social enterprise, but you are still missing the right partner? Then get in touch with us. We will bring you together with people who are just as willing to found a social enterprise, but who lack the sparkling idea, but not the will and willingness to contribute the expertise to the team that you may still be lacking. Whether it’s legal, business or financial know-how, we’ll find the right founding partner for you.
Simply send a brief outline of your business idea and the requirements profile for your “dream partner” to

Could you be such a person? If you have always wanted to be involved in the implementation of an idea with a social impact, then you too can apply with a short CV and your potential contribution at

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