Impact Innovation Programme

Find new ideas, test them with all stakeholders and develop effective solutions:
the FFG‘s “Impact Innovation” funding covers 50% of the project costs, up to a maximum of 75,000 euros, regardless of the topic or sector.
It’s that simple: Describe the problem and team, explain the added value, estimate the costs and submit online – no deadline! Watch the video here

Social crowdfunding

For companies or organisations with a focus on social benefit, however, the equity portion of the funding for impact innovation is often a hurdle. To overcome this, the FFG supports with this new format to raise missing financial resources.

If you are currently submitting a project in the Impact Innovation programme that has a strong social component, but you are still missing part of the funding, you can now raise it with the new pilot line “Social Crowdfunding”. The FFG and its partners support you with know-how and tools.

You will learn how to optimally prepare your crowdfunding. After a positive funding decision, you will receive individual coaching before and during the crowdfunding campaign and a crowdfunding video will be produced. You can find more information at

Laura Bassi 4.0

The FFG programme “Laura Bassi 4.0” is aimed at organisations (especially SMEs) that want to shape an opportunity-oriented digital future. It enables the implementation of R&D projects with a focus on project activities at the intersection of digitisation and equal opportunities, involving all necessary groups of people. For the participating organisations (especially SMEs), the structured cooperation in a national or international R&D cooperation network offers the opportunity to advance the improvement of their own innovation competences and capacities as well as innovation output.

The maximum funding amount is EUR 500,000 per project. Projects with a total amount of less than EUR 100,000 in eligible costs cannot be funded. The project duration is 3 years.

The following organisations are eligible for funding:

  • Enterprises (an enterprise is any entity, regardless of its legal form, that carries out an economic activity).
  • Institutions for research and knowledge dissemination (universities and universities of applied sciences, private universities, non-university research institutions, technology transfer institutions, innovation intermediaries and other research-oriented organisations such as associations with a corresponding purpose).
  • Other non-economic institutions (self-governing bodies, non-profit organisations such as NPOs).

Further information can be found here

COIN Cooperation & Innovation

The FFG programme COIN aims to stimulate and increase the research and innovation activities of enterprises, especially SMEs.
The COIN “Networks” programme line is particularly relevant for social entrepreneurs. One of its goals is to trigger innovations that are new for the market or for the companies. 

Innovation networks of several consortium partners can be submitted, in which innovative products, processes or services are newly developed by means of technology and knowledge transfer.
Among others, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), universities, universities of applied sciences, research institutions, start-ups, (non-profit) associations and multipliers / intermediaries are eligible to submit proposals.

Small projects

FFG funding supports “smaller” research and development projects of SMEs and start-ups, which are carried out alone or in cooperation and which result in commercially exploitable products, processes or services. Funding is provided for project costs up to a maximum of 60% (maximum total costs € 150,000, maximum grant € 90,000). Submissions can be made on an ongoing basis, there are no restrictions on the topic.

The funding criteria are as follows: the innovative content, the technical level of difficulty of the project, the economic exploitation prospects as well as the prospect that the research activities of the applicants will be intensified by the project.

Innovation cheque with deductible

The innovation cheque with deductible is available to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for the start of continuous research and innovation activities. The innovation cheque can be used to pay for certain fundable services provided by research institutions (non-university research institutions, universities of applied sciences and universities) up to a maximum amount of € 12,500 after payment of a 20% deductible with the cheque in the maximum amount of € 10,000. The funding intensity is thus 80%. Submission is possible on an ongoing basis.

Innovative projects in the sense of the innovation cheque with deductible are projects that expand the state of the art and advance the potential of the company with regard to new services or product developments.


The benefit programme launched by FFG, also called “ICT of the Future: benefit – Demographic Change as an Opportunity”, supports the research and development of products and services in the field of information and communication technologies that aim to maintain and improve the quality of life of older people and ensure that they can live as long and autonomously as possible in their own homes.

The project is thus aimed at the following target groups: companies, research institutions, individual researchers, providers of public services, end users (older people, NGOs, advocacy groups), public stakeholders (provinces, municipalities) and working groups.


The funding offer of FFG “Projekt.Start” achieves to support preparatory work that leads to a consistent project and thus to a consistent funding application. Funding is thus available for the potential assessment of a planned R&D project that is to be submitted. It can increase the chances of subsequent project funding in an FFG programme.

Funding is available for personnel costs, costs for external third-party services at market prices and travel costs up to 10,000 euros or a maximum of 60% of the total costs. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups or enterprises in the process of being founded can apply for this funding on an ongoing basis and without subject restriction.

Start-up funding

Start-up funding from FFG supports start-up companies and companies in the process of being founded in their medium-term liquidity situation in that loans granted do not have to be repaid by them until 5 years after the end of the project. By then they can lay the foundation for a successful market entry and achieve their first concrete sales.

Funding is provided for innovative product and service development processes, starting with the idea and ending with a near-series prototype. Start-ups receive funding of up to 70% of their relevant costs, with high-tech start-ups also receiving a 5% bonus.

Early Stage funding

Early Stage is a funding channel under FFG to support companies in basic research phases. Industrial research projects of companies with high growth potential in the respective business and technology field are to be supported. Funded projects should create a basis for future product, process or service innovations and the tools for growth in new business or technology fields. The focus should also be on sustainable business.

Funding is provided in the form of non-repayable grants and amounts to a maximum of 1 million euros per project year. The amount of the grant differs depending on the size of the company: 60% for medium-sized companies and 70% for small companies.

aws Creative Impact

aws Creative Impact promotes innovative new products and services that have the potential to have a positive social and industry-specific impact beyond company boundaries. The funding supports the development of prototypes, the achievement of market maturity and the implementation of cooperation projects.

Funding is available for up to 200,000 euros and a maximum of 50-90% of the eligible project costs. Applications can be submitted via the aws funding manager.

aws First Incubator 

aws First Incubator supports young and innovative people (aged 18 to 30) with an entrepreneurial spirit on the path to their first own business. Professional coaching and financial support are offered. Access to the aws First community and to a network of experts is also made possible.

Project budgets of up to 20,000 euros and grants of up to 19,200 euros per team are funded. Applications can be submitted via the aws funding manager until 26.04.2021.

aws Guarantee

aws Garantie offers collateral when banks grant loans in order to increase the chances of a loan being granted. Investments and operating resources such as marketing, purchases of goods or personnel are supported. A guarantee volume of up to 25 million euros is available. Applications can be submitted at any time via the aws funding manager.

An explanatory video is available here.

ERP loan

The aws ERP loan supports start-up investments, growth and innovation through low-interest loans with fixed interest rates, flexible terms and grace periods. Funding is available for up to 30 million euros and 100% of the project costs. Applications can be submitted at any time via the aws funding manager.

This video summarises the most important information.

aws equity capital

aws equity capital supports start-ups with venture capital to bring their ideas into market maturity. Funding is available from 500,000 to 3 million euros. All small start-ups with fewer than 50 employees and less than 10 million euros in sales or none are eligible for funding. Applications can be submitted at any time via the aws funding manager.

Here is a video on aws equity capital.

aws innovation protection

aws Innovation Protection offers support in developing the IP (Intellectual Property) strategy. An IP strategy adapted to the business model forms the basis for creating and securing a competitive position.  The funding thus offers IP advice, strategy coaching, assumes the IP costs and licensing of IP rights. All micro-enterprises and SMEs in technology-oriented and innovative sectors belong to the target group. Funding is available for up to 200,000 euros and a maximum of 50% of the eligible project costs. Applications can be submitted at any time via the aws funding manager.

An explanatory video is available here.

aws Digitisation

aws Digitalisation promotes the digitalisation of company processes and products/services up to the development of digital business models. Funding is available for up to 500,000 euros and for direct project-related costs such as personnel, training, material and third-party costs. Applications can be submitted via the aws funding manager.

More details in this video.

aws Growth Investment

aws Growth Investment supports companies in growth and innovation projects so that the companies can secure and expand their market position. Primarily SMEs in the industrial or manufacturing sector are financed. Funding of up to 300,000-400,000 euros is available. Eligible costs include investments primarily in prototypes, IT solutions and construction investments. Applications can be submitted at any time via the aws funding manager.

This video summarises the most important information.

aws Start-up in the Rural Area

aws Start-up in Rural Areas promotes technologically innovative small businesses that create economic added value in the region. Funding is provided for start-up processes and business development with technically-innovative projects with added value for the rural region. Funding of up to 55% of the project costs or a maximum of 50,000 euros is possible. Applications can normally be submitted via the aws funding manager, but there are currently no submission deadlines available.

Here is a video about the funding.


With the Patent.cheque, you have once per year and research idea to clarify patentability (obligatory phase 1) with a national patent office. The funding can also be used to pay for additional services such as patent filing and patent monitoring (optional phase 2). The costs can amount to a maximum of € 12,500. The FFG will cover a maximum of € 10,000 of this (i.e. 80%). Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups or companies in the process of being founded can apply for this funding on an ongoing basis and without any topic restrictions.


The funding KMU DIGITAL supports digitisation projects in Austrian companies that have not yet been able to make optimal use of the potential of digitisation.

Status and potential analyses

Recording of the current status in the area of digitalisation with a certified consultant. The costs for this are subsidised at 80 % (max. € 400 per selected tool).

Strategy consulting

Access to individual, topic-specific and systematic advice in the area of strategy development. In a compact time frame, a certified consultant helps you start the change and implementation process in your company. 50% of the costs are subsidised (max. 1,000 € per chosen tool).


Funding for new investments that must be capitalised (tangible and intangible investments) as well as related services from external providers (e.g. programming activities, (cloud) software licences) that are directly related to the investment project. The grant amounts to a maximum of 30% of the eligible costs (max. € 5,000; project volume between € 5,000 and € 20,000 excl. VAT).

Digitisation Fund Work 4.0

For two years now, the Vienna Chamber of Labour has been promoting ideas and projects that deal with the future of the world of work. For this purpose, the Digitisation Fund Work 4.0 was launched, which supports projects with up to 200,000 euros. Projects are supported that contribute to shaping digitalisation from the perspective of workers, which requires knowledge, including technology development, legal framework conditions and opportunities to try out new applications in a protected framework. 

Click here to submit your application. Further information at Digitisation Fund Work 4.0 | Vienna Chamber of Labour


Austria is getting too small for you? Do you want to expand your social business into other countries? Then you can get support from the go-international initiative of the Federal Ministry for Digitalisation and Business Location and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO).

You can find more information and all the steps for your funding here

Promotion of jobs and internships through the European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) – a programme of the European Union – promotes the engagement of young people in projects and activities that benefit the community. New here is the possibility of funding jobs and internships with a solidarity connection (social entrepreneurs, social sector, environmental protection sector, etc). Cross-border internships and jobs are promoted, as well as national opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities. 

This sample video presents a funded placement in Austria. 

Here you can find detailed information on the programme as well as a short guide to navigate through the process. Quality seals can be applied for on an ongoing basis. 

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact
Clarissa Millwisch
Programme Officer Erasmus+ Jugend & Europäisches Solidaritätskorps
OeAD-GmbH – Austria’s Agency for Education and Internationalisation
Abteilung Europa, Bildung, Jugend| Department for Europe, Education, Youth
T +43 1 53408-704 |

Scholarship holders can find more information here: and can also contact Ms. Alexandra Mojedano,, Support Hotline: +43 660 1195 972

In addition, you can find a job platform where jobs and internships with social impact can be found here:


Subsidised Management Consulting Vienna

Subsidised consultancy costs are available if you …

… want to start a business.
… want to develop your business further.
… need know-how for company management.
… want to restructure, secure or close your company.

Main areas of advice

  • Business plan and strategy
  • Marketing and sales
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Restructuring/reorganisation
  • Innovation and technology
  • Ecology and environmental protection

Consultancy modules

  • Initial consultation – 2 hours subsidised at 100 percent net (excl. VAT)
  • Single topic consulting – 10 hours subsidised 
  • Concept and strategy consulting – 20 hours subsidised

Financial subsidies

  • Founders: Euro 60.00 per hour
  • Start-ups (up to 3 years old): Euro 60.00 per hour
  • Companies (older than 3 years): Euro 40.00 per hour

More information is available here

Subsidised start-up advice from the Vienna Business Agency 

Subsidised application check for funding submission to the Vienna Business Agency (only VAT of 16.-/hour to be paid by yourself).


50% consulting support for social ventures

The Social Business Hub Styria offers comprehensive consulting services and workshops for social entrepreneurs from the idea phase to scaling. The Styrian Business Promotion Agency is now funding 50% of this consultancy (max. € 5,000) within the framework of the START!Klar programme. Information on this and other funding opportunities relevant to social ventures is available directly from the Social Business Hub Styria.

Ideen!Reich of the SFG.

Within the framework of Ideen!Reich, there is a grant of up to 50% for the development and implementation of new business ideas, especially for digital products, services or business models. Innovative local companies can secure up to 60,000 euros in the individual modules.

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