We are SENA.

making an impact. together.

The interest group for social entrepreneurs that aim at a positive impact.

We want to live in a world where people actively want to contribute to impacting society in a positive way. We’re bringing this vision to life by engaging as social entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we’re connecting like-minded people strive to support entrepreneurs who made it their mission to positively impact society.

Our goals


Connecting social entrepreneurs and offering them support.


Making social entrepreneurs visible.


Simplifying company-founding, limiting obstacles and extending access to financial support.


Inspiring young people to explore the possibilities of social entrepreneurship.

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Based on studies: 

Social Enterprises are important for our economy and society.

Thanks to the so-called „Social Entrepreneurship Monitor Österreich 2020“, which was commissioned by the WKO and created by SENA – Social Entrepreneurship Network Austria, the first study-based data for Austria supporting prior statement was collected. The inspection of a social entrepreneur’s needs constitutes the base of any further measures that aim at advancing their personal and professional development.

For more information and further statements on this topic given by Austria’s Minister of Finance, Margarete Schramböck, click here.

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